All school jurisdictions in the Province of Alberta are undertaking a shift in the way that they plan and report to their stakeholders through the Assurance Framework.

In this framework, all education stakeholders accept responsibility for building capacity of the education system — in classrooms, schools, school authorities and in government. Ensuring continuous improvement throughout the system necessitates a collective approach that recognizes diversity within Alberta, relies on evidence to make decisions, and is responsive to the needs of students in their local contexts. (Funding Manual 2021-22, p.20)

As part of our commitment to assuring our stakeholders that Edmonton Catholic Schools is providing a quality Catholic educational experience to our students, we have developed this Assurance Dashboard. This dashboard provides you with a comprehensive tool to explore the ways in which we measure the success of our work in the goals and priorities that have been established in our Division and School Plans for Continuous Growth.

   Division Plan for Continuous Growth
   School Plan for Continuous Growth
   Division Budget

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