School Plan for Continuous Growth 2020-2023 (year 3)

School Mission: The mission of St. Teresa of Calcutta School is ….. Rooted in the belief that "with children comes hope", together we use our Hearts, Hands and Minds to "do small things with great love" within our diverse community to learn and to grow in faith. .
School Vision: Our students will learn together, work together and pray together in answering the call to a faith-filled life of service.
School Charism: In the tradition of our patron saint, our charism is: intense love does not measure, it just gives.  

Priority:  Growing in Faith
Our students and staff will learn and live the Word of God through worship, witness, and service.
Key Strategies:
F.1 Re-engage families, parishes, and Catholic organizations to provide opportunities for growing in faith.
F.4 Provide formation opportunities for students and staff that further their participation in our faith and enable them to discern the presence of God in their lives.
Actions we will take
St. Teresa of Calcutta fosters an inclusive school environment where everyone belongs and we embrace the diversity of our students by celebrating the beauty that lies in difference. Our school vision is " our students will learn together, work together and pray together in answering the call to a faith -filled life of service. Through various engagements, we have determined that our students, staff, and families would like to spend focused time exploring what that looks like locally, nationally and globally. We will engage in the called of service and be able to capture these projects and share out on Twitter, on our digital signage, displays in our hallways, over morning broadcast and submit them for the Division's Social Justice Report. Our courtyard and wellness space will also provide a space for reflection and prayer. Our lived actions will be celebrated on our fatih bulletin board in keeping with the liturgical year. We will continue to read the Gospel of the day over broadcast every Monday. Continue to welcome our Trustee, Father Glenn, parents and community members to our school celebrations. We will also continue with smudging practises and connecting with outside agencies including Elders. We will continue our partnership with ECSD school to support upholding our school vision.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be evaluated using the following Local Measure:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Catholic Identity.
  • -ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Catholic Identity.
  • -Publication of exemplars in the Division's Social Justice Report
  • -Publication of exemplars of our projects on Twitter
  • -Participation of parents
Priority:  Student Success
Through a holistic approach, students will develop to their fullest potential through multiple pathways.
Key Strategies:
S.1 Identify and apply best practices for curriculum implementation to ensure student success.
S.2 Implement teaching and assessment practices to deepen students’ understanding and to increase ability to target teaching and improve learning.
S.4 Continue to support students’ diverse needs through best practice and responsive and flexible programming.
Actions we will take
St. Teresa of Calcutta School continues to consider best learning and teaching and assessment practices within an inclusive environment that promote equity and access for all students. In placing Children First, teachers are committed to engaging students with meaningful, authentic, and real-life experiences that respect diversity allowing rich and deeper learning experiences to take place. Our physical environment will act as the third teacher, inspiring arrangement of spaces which in turn encourage flexible learning environments. Through differentiated instruction and a focus on a holistic approach to teaching and learning we are able to support all of the diverse needs within our classroom. We will ensure that planning and site-based decision making are designed to inspire and positively impact student learning and achievement. We will have a Writing in Residency program as well as division wide school wide write on's focusing on improving narrative writing. Students will work with an author for two weeks improving their craft of writing. Teachers will have dedicated PD with an author and the opportunity to share best practices and resources.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning (Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exam Results)
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of High School Completion
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Citizenship
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning Engagement
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environment
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Access to Support and Services
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Access to Help, Support and Resources
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Student Engagement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Safe and Caring Learning Environment
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit
Priority:  An Excellent Place to Work and Learn
We will provide an optimal learning and working environment that fosters a culture of faith, trust, unity, inclusivity, confidence, respect, value and appreciation for one another.
Key Strategies:
E.1 Ensure that all teachers and leaders have the acquired skills to meet the foundational knowledge of First Nations, Métis and Inuit standard as outlined in Alberta Education Teaching, Leadership, and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standards.
E.3 Provide and engage in professional learning to enhance the level of subject matter, conceptual, and procedural knowledge expertise and competency.
E.7 Begin to implement the ECSD Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Strategic Plan.
Actions we will take
At St. Teresa of Calcutta School, we commit to supporting the philosophy and research in Edmonton Catholic Schools Division's Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (EDIAR) Strategic Plan. We embrace the application of foundational knowledge about First NAtions, Metis and Inuit people that is references in the Leadership and Teaching Quality Standards. We will work collaboratively and intentionally dedicate monthly time for professional development and learning for students and staff. St. Teresa of Calcutta Feast Day will have an afternoon session with Elder Philip for all students and staff focusing on Land-Based Learning with and the use of these philosophies and historical teachings in their daily classroom instruction. We will focus on increasing staff and student awareness of the spiritual, cultural, languages, historical and holistic nature and perspectives of First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) to set the stage for continued Reconciliation. We will weave together the instruction and experiences of FNMI education and events with EDIAR framework. We will continue to add to our Indigenous space in the school and continue to be visible by honoring our Indigenous community through the use of Indigenous prayer and music on broadcast, tipi area as well as artifacts shared on classroom prayer tables. All staff and students will take part in Orange Shirt Day, Metis Week,and National Aboriginal Peoples' Day. We will also ensure that Aboriginal teachings and perspectives are honored and brought forward when new curriculum and concepts are introduced. Resources will be strengthened in classrooms, libraries and teachers' own personal libraries.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Education Quality
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Teaching and Assessment Practices
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Staff Engagement and Respect in the Workplace
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Overall Satisfaction with Edmonton Catholic Schools
Priority:  Building Our Future Together
We will engage in good stewardship of all resources through principled governance and engagement.
Key Strategies:
B.1 Continue to develop collaborative plans with the Council of Elders and Indigenous communities to enhance supports and services for Indigenous students.
B.4 Continue to nurture collaborations, relationships and partnerships to provide programs and services for students from Pre-K-12.
Actions we will take
As a school, we have many student supports in place including our EBS, FSLW, TA-BTs, and EAs. We have a dedicated reading specialist to support English Language Learners,. We will focus on collaborative time for teaching staff and support staff, and specifically on grade cohort collaboration for teachers, concentrated in the area of literacy and elementary mathematics.Our teachers will focus in monthly collaborative communities of practice to unpack, design instruction and assess the learning of our K-3 students who will be engaging with anew curriculum in mathematics and ELA and our K-6 students in PE and Wellness. In conversation with staff, the mental wellness has been identified as an area of focus; the pandemic has been a very difficult time for both students and staff. Knowing that mental wellness is a key to student success, we will be working with staff on wellness strategies that they can implement in their classes, having weekly wellness strategies shared in announcements, and FSLW classroom visits. MDT will provide classroom, teacher support staff PD on site to enhance our commitment to supporting our diverse learners.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will also be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Parental Involvement and,
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Budget-Actual Comparison
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Parent/Guardian Involvement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Implementing Frameworks and Procedures
November Review:
Growing in Faith: We began our school year with our St. Teresa of Calcutta Feast Day. This included our School Opening Celebration. We welcomed our students to a new school year and celebrated our division theme 'Let Your Light Shine Forth.' Fr. Glenn McDonald led our Liturgy for our school community. We shared our school theme book 'When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner. Each classroom created their own art representation of how students will let their light shine this school year. As an entire school community we created a school quilt displaying how students would let their light. To begin the Advent season, the entire school community will create a display of stars showing how they can share their light during Advent. We continue our morning student led broadcast with all students writing and sharing a personal prayer. The Gospel reading is read on Monday over broadcast and Treaty Six Acknowledgement on Wednesdays. On November 9th our school gathered together for our Remembrance Celebration. On November 28th, we gathered together with Fr. Glenn McDonald for our first Sunday of Advent Celebration. Each of the following weeks Advent celebrations will be celebrated on broadcast for the entire school community. Each class has chosen a social justice project based on the students interest. As a entire school community we are collecting new socks for the homeless. We continue to share social justice activities on social media. As part of our focus on the 7 key themes of social justice, we consider the life and dignity of the human person when working with members of our community. Student Success: Our reading specialist works with ELL students using reading intervention strategies and resources. Our learning coach supports grades 1-6 in small group math instruction based on the Assurance Dashboard Results. We continue to utilize Collaborative Team meetings with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy to support student success. Teachers attended the Summer Summit on the New Curriculum. Teachers attend school team meetings as well as onsite professional development with our consultant team to dive deeper into best practises for student learning. Students were able to celebrate their learning in person on November 17th with our Demonstration of Learning. Our school is trauma informed and has an EBS to support a proactive approach to support challenging behaviour. We continue to have a FSLW and Mental Health Therapist to provide another proactive pathway for student success. As a trauma informed school we understand the importance of students being ready to learn for this reason we have a breakfast, snack and lunch program for all students. We continue to provide families with support through our food and clothing bank. Our staff continue to receive training with regards to the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Racism Strategic Plan. Building Our Future Together: We began the school year with our park blessing and grand opening on October 17th. Father Glenn McDonald, Elder Philip Trustees and special guests attended. We also participated in the Chanie Wenjack Walk as a school community and we smudged as classes. We also participated in Orange Shirt Day, Secret Path Week, and Metis Week activities. Our many partners, such as YONA, Keyboards for Kids, Big Brother and Big Sister Mentorship programs. continue to enhance the learning of our students. This year our Alberta Health Services and University of Alberta Dentistry returned to provide dental screen and free dental care.
February Review: