School Plan for Continuous Growth 2020-2023 (year 2)

School Mission: Our mission at École St. Stanislaus is to nurture a faith-based atmosphere enriched with French culture and language where students foster respect, compassion, innovation and engagement..
School Vision: We envision École St. Stanislaus to be a faith-filled community that fosters resiliency and uniqueness in a French-language environment founded on integrity and excellence.
School Charism: In honor of Saint Stanislaus, as a Catholic school community we embrace his advocacy for students by living the STUDENT acronym - reSilient, faiTh-filled, Unique, Dedicated, Empowering, visionary and risk-Taker. By following in Christ’s footsteps, we seek to create an inclusive environment that supports those in our school community to live their God-given purpose. “Inspired by Christ to be a S.T.U.D.E.N.T.”

Priority:  Growing in Faith
Our students and staff will learn and live the Word of God through worship, witness, and service.
Key Strategies:
F.1 Empower students and staff to express and share their gifts from God and explore the school’s charism and its importance.
F.2 Understand that we are in a Catholic school as the result of Christ’s call, and recognize ourselves as members of the Catholic Church.
F.4 Provide formation opportunities for students and staff that further their participation in our faith and enable them to discern the presence of God in their lives.
Actions we will take
Our school community will grow in their understandings of Catholic Education. Our students and staff will engage in monthly school-wide faith formations that will model and demonstrate our whole-school faith-filled activities and our yearly division theme. We will make decisions that embody Gospel teachings, ensuring that the activities and permeation of our faith reflect a living Catholic vision of the world. Our staff will work collaboratively to meaningfully infuse our Catholic faith into our instruction. As Saint Stanislaus is our namesake, students will learn about what the acronym S.T.U.D.E.N.T. signifies and how, as students, they can live a faith-filled life of service. The deep meaning of our school charism is lived through our students, as they are able to reflect which area of the S.T.U.D.E.N.T acronym speaks to their personal faith journey and allows them to share their gifts with our school community. Our students are provided with ongoing opportunities throughout the year to be active in their faith within the school community. Our student body is highly motivated to act in service to others both in the school and broader community, and engage in continual acts of school-wide social justice initiatives. This goal is central to our mission and fundamental to our being. We are called to the live the Word of God through worship, witness, and service.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be evaluated using the following Local Measure:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Catholic Identity.
  • Parent feedback, School Council
Priority:  Student Success
Through a holistic approach, students will develop to their fullest potential through multiple pathways.
Key Strategies:
S.1 Identify and apply best practices for curriculum implementation to ensure student success.
S.2 Implement teaching and assessment practices to deepen students’ understanding and to increase ability to target teaching and improve learning.
S.5 Support student achievement by engaging in collaborative, whole school approaches to capacity building in First Nations, Métis and Inuit education.
S.6 Continue programs and enhanced academic and cultural supports for all students that lead to successful transitions and encourage life-long learning.
Actions we will take
At École St. Stanislaus, there is a school-wide focus to plan for meaningful and authentic opportunities for students to increase their levels of authentic French oral interaction and confidence in a second language. Our school is dedicated to providing instruction and assessment that is designed to enhance student learning, development and spiritual growth of diverse learners. This is achieved by focusing on shared strategies and providing students with increased opportunities to actively engage in critical thinking. These strategies support our goal of deepening students’ understanding and increase our ability to target areas of teaching requiring additional support so that we can improve student learning. This can be achieved through focusing on large group instruction, or more targeted instruction in a small group or individual setting. Our staff engage in identifying and applying best practices for curriculum implementation to ensure optimal student success by engaging in professional dialogue, collaborative planning, professional development opportunities and with the assistance of Division consultants specializing in different areas of curriculum. Intensive supports are in place to ensure that all students are supported in their diverse learning needs, including special needs and First Nation, Métis and Inuit students. These academic and cultural supports are crucial for all students to develop the competencies of being life-long learners and help ensure successful transitions to the next step of their academic career.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning (Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exam Results)
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of High School Completion
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Citizenship
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning Engagement
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environment
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Access to Support and Services
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Access to Help, Support and Resources
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Student Engagement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Safe and Caring Learning Environment
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit
Priority:  An Excellent Place to Work and Learn
We will provide an optimal learning and working environment that fosters a culture of faith, trust, unity, inclusivity, confidence, respect, value and appreciation for one another.
Key Strategies:
E.1 Ensure that all teachers and leaders have the acquired skills to meet the foundational knowledge of First Nations, Métis and Inuit standard as outlined in Alberta Education Teaching, Leadership, and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standards.
E.2 Develop, promote, and oversee the application of excellent professional practices consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard, Leadership Quality Standard, and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard, all which guide and support student achievement.
E.3 Provide and engage in professional learning to enhance the level of subject matter, conceptual, and procedural knowledge expertise and competency.
E.5 Continue to create opportunities and pathways for staff to develop and pursue advancement within their employee groups for robust succession planning within the Division.
Actions we will take
We demonstrate an ongoing commitment enabling all members of our school community to gain knowledge, understanding and respect for the history and culture of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit as well as pursuing engaging opportunities to facilitate reconciliation within the Catholic school community. In order to ensure growth for our staff in these areas, we continue to promote and oversee the application of exemplary professional practices consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard and Leadership Quality Standard (administrators). This is done by providing our school staff with the necessary foundational knowledge of the history and culture of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit and pursuing engaging opportunities to facilitate reconciliation within the Catholic school community through authentic activities and learning experiences. Our collaborative working groups are designed to enhance learning and achievement of diverse learners so that all our students have the necessary supports to experience success. We continue to offer ongoing opportunities for our staff to develop and pursue professional growth through school and Division professional development opportunities and close collaboration with curriculum consultants.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Education Quality
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Teaching and Assessment Practices
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Staff Engagement and Respect in the Workplace
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Overall Satisfaction with Edmonton Catholic Schools
Priority:  Building Our Future Together
We will engage in good stewardship of all resources through principled governance and engagement.
Key Strategies:
B.1 Continue to develop collaborative plans with the Council of Elders and Indigenous communities to enhance supports and services for Indigenous students.
B.3 Ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently while providing flexibility for how schools and departments meet their unique needs.
B.5 Ensure decisions are data-informed; enable best practice indicators and transparency to ensure continuous improvement.
Actions we will take
We are committed to encouraging students to develop to their fullest potential, which we nurture in our students through multiple pathways, so that they can foster their gifts and talents in service to others and pursue their passions and interests as contributing members of the community… academically, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. We ensure that site-based decisions are well informed through the use of data and the collection of feedback from stakeholders such as School Council, students and the broader parent community. By involving our school community, we can ensure continuous improvement while keeping our school community members well informed with opportunities for dialogue with our administration.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will also be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Parental Involvement and,
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Budget-Actual Comparison
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Parent/Guardian Involvement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Implementing Frameworks and Procedures
November Review:
We have working hard at all of our goals this month starting with embracing and creating a space place for out students to come and thrive - we used the book "The Plans I Have for you by Amy Fischer" to help our student understand that each person is Unique and they carry a special gift - they are superheros within the context of their community. We also celebrated our St. Stanislaus feast day on November 19 with our students. We continued to explore the strengths found within us reading the book "Your Inner Compass That Could" by Kristen Pearce. We had our students revisit the ST.U.D.E.N.T. acronym, learn the new St. Stanislaus school prayer, discover their own superpower and kryptonite, followed by learning what their inner compass might be.It was an amazing day that we were able to explore and connect individually, as a class and a school community. We have worked hard on building and improving their French oral skills with targeted instruction in the morning and have coined the Franco-Lingo -music that is played at random times throughout the week. Students created this jingle and they know when they hear this that they need to speak with the theme presented by teacher. We have worked with our consultant on the pilot for FI writing and have shared the writing documents with her as well. We have completed instructional strategies PD on writing, reading and communication sharing our practices and trying new ones. Reviewed how to interpret data on literacy and numeracy and created a numeracy room with a school-wide plan for numeracy. We have established a practice within the school to have an Orange Shirt day monthly. With this practice we dedicate our stories, conversations and learn about Indigenous history. We want to provide our students an authentic experience and move towards understanding the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action. This will be ongoing throughout the year, with more stories, literature being available, establishing areas within the school where students and staff have access to information. Our MDT is working with our school community via, whole class, small group interactions and one on one students. This form of support is based on the individual needs within the school. We have information being sent in the Parent Newsletter to support our parent community. Stakeholders are very well versed in the benefits of having our MDT within the context of the school and often seek them out to provide supports for our students.
February Review:
As a school community we continue to grow and learn together. We have continued navigating our faith with reflective and meaningingful activities whereby our students are at the core of everything that we do. This has provided many opportunities for students to work on improving themselves. At St. Stanislaus our acronym S.T.U.D.E.N.T embodies everything that we are as a school community. We refer to this in all that we do on a consistent basis. We will further exploring the Grand Father teachings focusing on respect, wisdom, humility and love for the remainder of the year. Our French written and oral skills have been our primary focus for the year. We have encouraged our students with the expectation to speak French holding them accountable to redirect in order to build the french fluency. The students are recognized monthly for demonstrating exceptional effort in speaking French. This has improved as a school community and we hear our students oral skills beginning to flourish. We have also focused on our writing skills as an area to improve, with the support of our consultant we are piloting the French Writing tasks exam which gives us a snapshot of the benchmark at each grade level. This in conjunction with standardized tests, small and whole group instruction, we have witnessed improvement with our students abilities in all the pillars. Franco-Lingo is alive and well with music and themes that engage our students. With Literacy underway we have also added numeracy as a central focus to engaging our students. We have many students that require techniques to be successful and as school we work collaboratively to supporting their needs. We use our numeracy room to provide extension to the learning and instruction. Our staff ( EA"s and teachers work collaboratively in supporting the needs of students) We have continued with our call to action and exploring the meaning of the Truth and Reconciliation this is a monthly with activities for staff and students to continue to learn and grow in this area. We have shared stories, legends and have students beginning to understand the importance of the medicine wheel, a feather and the GrandFather teachings. Our EBS and TABT have continued to support our staff and students to achieve success. Program implementation include movement in the hallways, created recess games, and are involved in planning success plans for our students. They continue to have whole class, small group and individual support where necessary for students. They work closely with our staff in supporting ideas by providing a variety of activities, instructions, lessons or a variety been activities. The students are very much accustomed to having this team and all it provides within regards to the supports it offers.