School Plan for Continuous Growth 2020-2023 (year 3)

School Mission: St. Philip is an inclusive and collaborative learning community where the light of the Gospel permeates our learning and faith. We encourage every individual to be the best they can be and celebrate their achievements. We promote vibrant growth of the Italian Language and Culture within the Greater Italian Canadian Community. .
School Vision: We cultivate an inclusive and positive faith-based learning atmosphere where children feel valued and welcome. We provide academic, physical, social and competence through engaged student-centered learning. student -centered learning.
School Charism: Hospitality, Trust, Faithful, Loyalty

Priority:  Growing in Faith
Our students and staff will learn and live the Word of God through worship, witness, and service.
Key Strategies:
F.1 Re-engage families, parishes, and Catholic organizations to provide opportunities for growing in faith.
F.3 Provide an excellent Catholic education that empowers students to discern current events from a Catholic worldview and to witness our faith to all.
F.4 Provide formation opportunities for students and staff that further their participation in our faith and enable them to discern the presence of God in their lives.
Actions we will take
• Continue to develop the role of the school-based chaplain to support students, staff and support sacred-space environments. • To update all religious displays in the school with a student focus. • Have the chaplain empower teachers’ involvement in enriching our school celebrations. Where possible, celebrations will use child friendly language. Any words that may be difficult to understand in scripture or prayers will be explained in context to bring a greater meaning to and greater connection to prayers used at St. Philip. • School celebrations and morning announcements include the diverse cultures in the school through prayers in different languages. • Morning announcement prayers to be said and created by students – verbal and visual component. • Invite Fr. Sathia monthly to engage with our students on various religious topics. Create a schedule for him to visit a different class each week. • Invite Fr Sathia to various activities in the school such as our Meet the Staff, Open House, and School Advisory Council meetings to display our parish/school connection. As well, promote our school activities through the church. • Mass celebrated as an Italian Language and Culture community by attending Santa Maria Goretti parish at least once in the year. • Invite parents to all celebrations, masses, and religious activities so they are also included in the parish, school and community partnership. • Have one of our Division Chaplains lead us in the Remembrance Day Memorial. • Catholic symbols shall be present in each learning space as well as common areas. • Update and review our school charism statement. • Celebrate students who received their sacrament on school announcements/assemblies, in class, and on our sacramental board. • Use the St. Philip school prayer during morning prayer and during all religious activities.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be evaluated using the following Local Measure:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Catholic Identity.
  • • Number of in class visits by Father Sathia
  • • Display of religious corner/table in learning spaces, follow liturgical calendar as well as student centered religious displays in the school
  • • Student leadership group will plan student led faith based activities and social justice initiatives.
  • • Engaged and focused students during our celebrations
  • • Students will be able to recite the St.Philip School prayer
  • • School charism statement will be permeated into our classrooms. Parents will be more aware through their children and its visibility on the school website, and student handbook.
  • • Feedback by parents, staff, students on the format of morning prayer and school created prayer, and their inclusion into our religious activities through participation
Priority:  Student Success
Through a holistic approach, students will develop to their fullest potential through multiple pathways.
Key Strategies:
S.1 Identify and apply best practices for curriculum implementation to ensure student success.
S.2 Implement teaching and assessment practices to deepen students’ understanding and to increase ability to target teaching and improve learning.
S.4 Continue to support students’ diverse needs through best practice and responsive and flexible programming.
S.5 Support student achievement by engaging in collaborative, whole school approaches to capacity building in First Nations, Métis and Inuit education.
Actions we will take
• Continue to increase the amount of technology accessible to the students by using all the technology currently in the school and asking school council to support the purchase of additional Chromebooks. • Continue to post daily content in Google Classroom, as well as study guides or practice guides (dependent on division), and teaching videos. • Ensure parent communication to enhance the relationship to aide in their child’s education. By posting information on Google Classroom and properly documenting tasks in PowerTeacher Pro. • Meet the Staff format will be updated. Start as a large group then teacher presentations to their own classroom families regarding specifics about programming for the year and expectations • Professional Development with all consultants, in teaching with the following in mind: new div 1 curriculum, universal design for learning, differentiation, accommodations, and adapted. • Implementation of Math Up in all grades. • Implement class-based reading strategies that correlate to division goals, such as the use of Heggerty, reading assignments, class based LLI. Complete a Reading Readiness Screen Tool (RSST) on struggling readers to target the gap. Home reading program. • Students to have access to assistive technology as well as google tools to aide in reading and writing • Work collaboratively with supports from FSLW, TABT, LC, ELL
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning (Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exam Results)
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of High School Completion
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Citizenship
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Student Learning Engagement
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environment
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Access to Support and Services
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Access to Help, Support and Resources
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Student Engagement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Safe and Caring Learning Environment
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit
  • • Parental support in the use of technology and increase participation in the ECS purchase program
  • • Reporting on PowerTeacher Pro will have students better prepared because both parents and students will know in advance their expected task by the due date given and assignment description. Students will also be better prepared for assessments due to engagement and practice at home
  • • Success of students with the differentiated shift in teaching. Variety of teaching styles will meet the diverse learners in the class. Students will experience more success as well as an increase in student engagement tasks by being able to demonstrate their learning using a variety of formats
  • • Students improving on their reading assignments each quarter that will be evaluated based on their reading behaviors
  • • Increased math results
Priority:  An Excellent Place to Work and Learn
We will provide an optimal learning and working environment that fosters a culture of faith, trust, unity, inclusivity, confidence, respect, value and appreciation for one another.
Key Strategies:
E.1 Ensure that all teachers and leaders have the acquired skills to meet the foundational knowledge of First Nations, Métis and Inuit standard as outlined in Alberta Education Teaching, Leadership, and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standards.
E.2 Develop, promote, and oversee the application of excellent professional practices consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard, Leadership Quality Standard, and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard, all which guide and support student achievement.
E.3 Provide and engage in professional learning to enhance the level of subject matter, conceptual, and procedural knowledge expertise and competency.
Actions we will take
• Supporting student achievement by engaging in collaborative, whole school approaches to capacity building in First Nations, Metis and Inuit education. • Treaty Six Acknowledgement during announcements, staff meetings, meet the staff and open house. • Use the program of studies to incorporate content so all will learn First Nations, Metis and Inuit culture through stories and levelled reading materials. • Maintain the Indigenous displays throughout the school. • Incorporate cultural activities for ALL students. • Develop a relationship with Indigenous Learning Services and Braided Journey. • Identify a First Nations, Metis and Inuit Liaison at the school who will attend meetings and share resources. • FSLW to support families. • Access additional supports for our First Nations, Metis and Inuit students through Jordan’s Principle. • Provide meaningful professional development for teachers that focus on areas of the Teacher Quality Standards. • Administration to read to students on the various teaching of our First People to bring positive awareness as well as develop relationships with all students. • Professional Learning Communities that enhances collaboration • Building school and parent relationship in enhancing student learning (use of google classroom to post lessons/review material) • Recognize student successes in large assemblies/events • PD days to ensure best practices on reporting to parents on the Individualized Program Plan (IPP) program as well as PTP • Continue to have school wide theme days/projects to celebrate all cultures.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Education Quality
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Teaching and Assessment Practices
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Staff Engagement and Respect in the Workplace
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Overall Satisfaction with Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • • All students will be engaged and connected to the teachings and culture of First Nations, Metis and Inuit through cultural activities and curriculum.
  • • Number of successful applications made to access support through Jordan’s Principle.
  • • FNMI families feel supported and recognized which will develop a better relationship with the school by increased participation in school activities
  • • FNMI students will demonstrate improved self-esteem and confidence as demonstrated in their increased attendance and improved academics.
  • • Teachers are properly documenting accommodations for the various needs in their class with meaningful and unique strategies for students in the Y1 comment in PTP and/or individual assignment comments.
  • • Invite/engage the elders to the school in to support the students, families and staff.
Priority:  Building Our Future Together
We will engage in good stewardship of all resources through principled governance and engagement.
Key Strategies:
B.3 Ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently while providing flexibility for how schools and departments meet their unique needs.
B.4 Continue to nurture collaborations, relationships and partnerships to provide programs and services for students from Pre-K-12.
Actions we will take
Provide more opportunities for students to use, as well as hear the Italian language during the school day: announcements, celebrations, assemblies, and outside sign message. Student created prayers in Italian. Google Classroom posts highlighting Italian program on a monthly basis Work with language consultant to ensure programming is engaging, high interest, and utilizing 21st century tools. Invite Santa Maria Goretti Parish to our Italian classes and include messages in the Italian community such as bulletins at the Italian church. Replenish Italian resources such as picture dictionaries and literature. Italian students will perform at the school concerts. Carnevale cultural activity so that ALL students learn and experience the Italian culture. Italian students to participate in more Italian language and culture field trips. This will promote the program and increase the exposure and interest in the culture. Work with community relations to develop a robust marketing plan to increase the awareness of our program in our Italian catchment. Pull up banner promoting our program in the high traffic areas of our Italian community members. such as Italian Cultural center and Santa Maria Goretti hall and Senior Centre. Build relationship with the Italian Language School Comitato Promotore della Lingua Italiana (CPLI) that is housed in our building. Create a relationship with Cardinal Leger with their Italian Language and Culture students, leadership students, and EAP students Have a multicultural day to celebrate and make connections to our language and cultural program.
Performance Measures:
Our performance in this area will also be measured using:
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Parental Involvement and,
  • Alberta Education Assurance Measure of Budget-Actual Comparison
Local Measures:
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Parent/Guardian Involvement
  • ECSD Assurance Survey of Theme - Implementing Frameworks and Procedures
  • Students will have heard certain announcements and key phrases being shared in Italian on a regular basis and will be able to implement them as demonstrated on their written work and oral conversations.
  • Increased awareness, exposure, interest and attendance to the Italian Language and Culture program that includes activities such as carnevale and field trips.
  • Increased visibility and exposure for our program through our marketing plan.
  • Increased pride in the program as demonstrated by our students and staff via their conversation and sharing with others outside the program
  • Increase in enrolment as a school which will reduce combined classes
  • Greater collaboration of new ideas and increased enthusiasm demonstrated by teachers.
  • More students from CPLI will transition to our Kindergarten program
  • Invite ALL students to say a prayer in their home language to promote the diverse cultures/languages that are in our building
November Review:
Our school opening mass was held at St. Matthew Parish, and we invited the St. Anne School community to join us. The Advent mass will be in December at St. Matthew Parish and Father visits classes monthly and joins our school celebrations. The school chaplain works with the staff and students to prepare celebrations. Each student prepares a prayer, and these are shared daily during announcements throughout the year. We celebrated the New Playground Opening with division representatives, trustees, Father Sathia and the building partners. The Spark leadership team lead a Thanksgiving Food bank collection and it was shared with another ECSD school with demographics that require more support. The leadership team also raised money by selling cookies, donuts, and hot chocolate during parent teacher interviews. The proceeds will be used to purchase Christmas decorations for the Dickensfield Seniors Center. There will also be a toonie collection at the Christmas concert for the ECSD Foundation. We continue to build on our Indigenous symbols and artifacts within the school. We have been focusing on applying the LQS in our daily lessons with meaningful and engaging school wide activities. Our school was featured on the ECSD social media for promoting Metis week. We are in the process of booking an Indigenous event through the Braided Journeys program in the new year. We are working with the SAC and the division grant writers on a Grant application for a chrome cart, new school sign and an Audio-Visual system for the gym. These items will enhance student learning, participation and promote the school in the community. Inclusive, Assessment, Math, ELA and EAL consultants have been invited to support teachers through PD’s including the reporting and assessment changes that occurred in October. Consultants are booked to provide PD for the staff in the new year as well. We have a strong literacy focus in all grades and Division 1 Heggerty focus. Literacy screeners and numeracy data was reviewed with the staff and various strategies were discussed to apply school wide during staff meeting PDs. Tell Me More Pilot project for EAL learners to target our high population of ELL and refugee students. This year we creatively scheduled all staff to allow more individual and targeted literacy and numeracy groups. We continue to celebrate and promote the Italian Language and Culture program and building relations with the Italian community. We work closely with the Italian Parish, the Italian Consulate in Edmonton and in Vancouver. The school received the grant from the Italian Consulate that was applied for in the Spring of 2022. Admin was invited to an evening with the Italian Ambassador to Canada and the school was mentioned for its efforts in promoting the Italian Language and Culture in our city. As a staff we continue to revisit the School Growth Plan in ways that we can support our student learning in all domains.
February Review: